Beware! Will show no graph (but information that it is gathering data) the first day and look ugly the first view days! Full nice view after 45 or more days of running it ;-)

Doesn't adjust to your home page style, so depending on the colours you choose the spark line might be badly or not visible!

BTW, screenshot is still from flickr ;)


  • (2007-08-02) Fixed a bug with the all-time view. If you have more than 45 days of data, you should update to get a correct big graph.
  • (2007-07-01) Resolved a bug in calculation the daily views. This seemed just to happen on last day of the old and first day of the new month if the old month was shorter than 30 days. Data collection is and has been correct, just the calculation afterwards was wrong! An update is strongly recommended, though...
  • (2007-06-28) Short period is now 45 days (as there is enough space). Fixed some internal handling. The dates on the big graph will only be shown, if there is more than 45 days of data available. You'll now get information that data is gathered (though no graph) after installation immediately.
  • 2.9.4 (2007-06-24) Changed title and added version after the title. Only this small version entry is now the link to this page. Renamed the script file. Added to userscripts.org
  • (2007-06-21) Updated colours a bit and improved graphing for the first 30 days
  • (2007-06-21) Kicked the flickr pink for Ipernity green ;)
  • Adjusted to work with Ipernity. Development of flickr version ceased. Not perfect, but collects data and graphs it.
  • 2.9.3 (2007-06-12) Another fix to the views parser. Works now with all current available languages and shouldn't break if the current scheme stays fixed.
  • (2007-06-07) Fixes problems with the new format of the numbers of the views (now grouped by a space instead of a colon). Many thanks to jciv for the bug report. Small additional update for the positioning of the all-time mean value.
  • 2.9.0 (2007-03-19)Some minor tweaks (rounding for the daily number for instance, some graph enhancements for the sparkline), nothing drastic. The big change in version number comes from the code restructuring that I currently work on and which will lead to version 3

Why, What,...


I'm a statistics maniac!

The Flickr Photostream Graphr is back — in a way. I modified the original script to create the graph inside of the browser (using a "canvas" element, if you want to know the technical details).

Some documentation

Important Notice: You'll not see a graph currently directly after installation. You have to wait a day. Right after installation there's a small notice where the sparkline will be. To get the full glory, you even need to collect data for more than 45 days... ;)

  • A: After the all-time views a sparkline of the last 45 days' views is added with the number of views of today. Clicking on it will overlay B on flickr and give more details. You may close the big graph by clicking on A again.
  • B: Clicking on B will bring you here to check for updates ;), the rest means:
  • #1 pink bars: that's the data over the last 45 days
  • #2 blue spikes: that's all the data the script gathered so far (is just shown if you have more than 45 days of data)
  • #3 coloured numbers at the right y axis: in pink the mean views per day over the last 45 days and in blue the mean views per day of all the time
  • #4 pink x axis labels on the bottom: days backwards from today for the pink data (right is today)
  • #5 blue x axis labels on the top: the real dates of the blue "all-time" graph
  • #6 black y axis labels: number of views

And in case someone wants to know: this isn't real data but my data randomized. ;-)