I spent a lot of time away over the winter, my hibernation, and there were a few changes on Ipernity when I got back online on a regular basis. I'm not unhappy with any of them, however, the new 'News' page is driving me bonkers!

I have loads of lovely contacts on Ipernity, and it was time to get caught back up with saying 'hey, love that, way to go...' but over the months now that blasted 'Your Contacts: What's New' seems stuck on the same photos all the time. It does change every several days, so I chalked it up to just not much new stuff right now, as most of my contacts are nature folks. But now things are heated up finally in the nature dept, and I'm still finding that the page seems to 'like' a certain few of my contacts and on top of that a certain few of their photos. So you'd think well so and so hasn't uploaded anything since I was there, but if you click on them from the contacts page or your visitors, low and behold there are photos from March, that you had no idea they had put up, and want to go mad over commenting on and its May now!

I love my contacts equally and would like for my Whats New to reflect this, the least it can do is pick a random 6 each time I refresh the page or I don't know something like the last 6 photos uploaded from any contacts, but alas its stuck still. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, I don't use the latest and greatest browser, but its 25.0 Firefox and I can't see how it would be down to that.

I have a contact who has a brilliant photo of a old typewriter with moss growing out of it, and I think its fantastic, but I've been looking at it for over a week! Likewise with several others.

I know Ipernity are great at listening to us, but I'm worried that if I am the only one having the problem, cause I couldn't see anyone else asking anywhere, that they won't have any idea what I'm on about...haha.

Anyone else have thoughts appreciated and please if I don't get around to someone for a bit its because Ipernity hasn't choosen to show you to me, not that I don't want to see...hahaha