Well I'm settling in nicely at Ipernity, I actually really love it here. I am honestly enjoying this much more than were I was. The contacts I have made so far and the few that have found me from Flickr I really appreciate, and I have a new found inspiration for nature photos, so I should say thanks to all of my contacts and folks I've found here for that.

So my apologies are for the amount of photos you may find coming your way on my stream. We moth trap on our balcony/patio at night and walk by day weather permitting and so I am always about a week or two behind, and often I post photos that are not as glamorous as some of my truly esteemed contacts, but I have to keep up with records for my area. I also post photos for my family back in America, so that they know 'yes, I'm alive and well'. My mother will often phone me if I haven't posted in some time :S, I post a lot of moth photos too as we keep our records by photos usually. I sometimes look back at years and think...'yes yes we must walk miles today because we saw this last year..etc'

I have to say that I do love those glamour shots of nature and insects and try to find those as well to post along with my many (sometimes) photos of just records of insects we find.

Just to say too, I often delve into many of your streams, I know a lot of us are moving mountains of older photos over here or folks that have been here ages I've just found, and I like looking at those older things from your albums, I don't want anyone to think I'm trolling around, if I've commented on your photos, (or tons of your photos..lol) its because they truly inspire me and impress me. On a similar note I really really appreciate any comments and feedback or critique you give for my humble offerings.
Thank you :D