I just uploaded my first video clip and it uploaded without a technical hitch, the video plays great and without the hiccups I would expect and the color turned out pretty well for the compression. This one looks a little better larger so that you can make out more of the details so if you can't download the original size, but want to see it, let me know and I'll try to figure something out. Now I'm really interested in getting a pro account so I can put whatever I want on here! The only thing I am hoping though is that at some point the "Latest Videos" and "Latest Photos" can be customized to "Featured Videos" and "Featured Images" so that I could keep uploading new work, but maintain the images/videos on my front page that I want there instead of just the latest things.


Anyone know how to upload images to someone elses' group? I had someone ask me to upload work to a group they administer and I joined the group, but I can't find an upload button anywhere yet.