After getting frustrated with either exclusively being a member of a somewhat juvenile art community where I couldn't really upload video, then wasting so much time searching only to find sites that only allow members to either upload art/photos or sites that only allow users to upload video it's always been an "Either/Or" proposition until I finally tripped into iPernity. I do have some complaints; I wish the personal pages were slightly less customizable and the general layout was not confined to a center column. Both of those things start to make the site look a little MySpace-ish (another juvenile website.) People should be able to have a page wide banner slot, probably somewhere around the top for images, but tiling images as a background, especially when they aren't seamless is just cheesy and always has been. Having mentioned all of that, the fact that most of the users here do great work and the site is photography centric speaks volumes of positive things and is a HUGE, HUGE relief and refreshing. Anywhoo...I think I'll be parking my art here primarily from now on, it just feels more comfortable for me and the diversity of my work.

I have two groups I started which I'm hoping I can get some hep promoting as it seems a lot of users hear are Pro Sci-Fi/Fantasy and pro Cinema (Cinema that's not garbage anyway.) Here are links to my groups. Hopefully you won't mind joining and/or mentioning them in you Blog posts so I can get the groups populated and active quickly.



One is for Sci-Fi/Fantasy creators and aspiring creators:




The other one is to discuss great cinema and cinematography, especially work that has been overlooked for one reason or another: