I think : Art is universal.
Its source is in intuition.
Intuition is the revelation of occult process, cosmic and universal.
The cult of True, the Good Beautiful, go to the knowledge of law. ...
This reliance is a human being feels the need to express the inexpressible.
Poetry is a major vector.
All the tools made by human creativity in the service of art are important for the expression thereof.
The body is the tool of the dancer.
The sound of his instrument the way for the musician.
The color and pigment for the painter.
The light for the photographer's.... all good to say, reveal and express harmonies or désharmonie glaring.
We are only vectors of a fragmented process, the work does not belong to us.
The first work is oneself,
A person with a severe disability can still feel his feeling "that lives in the other", "that lives in him" and express it with the medium or the tool he has at his disposal.