Imagine that every morning a bank opens an account for you and deposits 86,400 $ on it.

But … there are 2 rules to follow:

1st rule : every $ that you didn’t spend during the day will be removed from the account that night.  You cannot cheat, you cannot wire this money to another account, you can only spend it all throughout the day … but every morning the bank will deposit yet again 86,400$ for the day.

2nd rule : the bank can stop this game without warning you, at anytime.  The bank can say that the game is over that they will close down the account and no more $ will be received.

What would you do ?

You would spend every $ to please yourself and to offer many gifts to those you love.

You would ensure to use every last $ to provide happiness in your life and those around you, right ?

This magical bank exists and we have it all …. It’s << time>>.

Every morning, when we wake, we are credited with 86400 seconds of life for the day and when we sleep at night, we cannot get them back.

What was not used during the day is lost forever, yesterday has gone by.

Every morning this magic starts over.  We play with this special rule, the bank can close our account at any time, without notice, and at any time, life can stop.

So what do you do with your 86,400 seconds you get every day ?

Life is short, even for those who think that life is too long … so take advantage of life.