I have previously made attempts at colour photography but with little satisfaction. This means always I return to black and white; the medium which I have grown up with. I tend to see subjects in tones, subconsciously translating each colour into the Ansel Adams 'Zone System' which I studied many years ago.

Making a conscious effort to 'see' in colour may sound odd to some, but I have felt that I have little direct effect on the results. As such, most of my colour attempts have been well below the standard I set myself. So I drift back to monochrome, the process which I can control at every stage up to that of developing and printing.

However, there comes a point when another challenge lurks around the corner. My familiarity with monochrome is becomming less of an interest as my ideas dry up. In my current work as a museum guide, I often have conversations with photographers I meet. Many look at my 'vintage' camera in amazement with the usual response; "why don't you use a digital camera, it's so easy" Answering that would take up a whole day, so I generally say "what's that?" in a somewhat flippant way!

My four months here with ipernity have allowed me to study the work of fellow members, particularly those who specialise in colour be it of film or digital origin. Some work is stunningly original and imaginative. Much that impresses me is done by students and others decades younger than myself. Perhaps they are less inhibited with their more receptive minds. Some produce fine work in other fields as well; painting, printing and other traditional arts and crafts. All these interests as well as the love of music, literature and poetry can have a considerable influence on the production of fine photographic images.

It has taken me a long time to get where I am, but I now feel ready for another attempt at colour photography. I will be putting up a few earlier images in order to test the response. I do not consider any of them to be more than average as I'm still at the Mature Student stage. Now the weather is improving and Spring has almost arrived, colour shoud be around in abundance. My 'vintage' Nikon cameras each with one prime lens attached are now loaded with 200 and 400 asa colour films, so I'm ready to venture out with my new way of 'seeing'.

I have no idea yet what I may return with, but I'm looking forward to learning with a fresh approach in a new world of colour, not tones!