Having been with ipernity for a few weeks I am now settling in. It is so refreshing after spending such a long time in the 'other place'. It really feels like a new awakening.

So it's time for a fresh start. Having now entered my seventy-sixth year it's probably time for a change anyway. I've been much inspired by the fine work of the friends I've made on this site especially after feeling stuck in a rut for so long. All of my Flickr images have been removed and safely archived on a separate disk as I do not intend to load them up here.

After many years of shooting with black and white film, I am now beginning to explore colour more seriously. Until now I have found the media somewhat uninspiring with really fine work being the exception; but that's not going to stop me taking the plunge. So I hope to be making some colour images with a more contemporary approach, building on what I've learnt from black and white photography.

Again, a pleasure to be here!