Dear, Reader-kun

Earlier today, while I was bending down in my chair to pick up a few hair elastics, I hit my forehead against the doorknob... XD It hurt..

I was supposed to go to the laundramat with my dad today. And go to Metro with him, as well... But I didn't because of what I was wearing--I wouldn't even wear socks or a bra O.o So now he's all.. mad at me?

There's a Theater Temp Tech Crew meeting during lunch on Monday in the Drama Studio. I can't wait! I loved Theater Temp last year; it was so much fun! So of course I'm going to do it this year, as well! And the next, and the next, until I graduate. Maybe even after I grad I may still come back just for this! Yes, it's just that much fun.

I start my guitar lessons next Wednesday, on the 28th! I can't wait! But the only problem now is that it's wayy far on Kingsway... that's far. And I have to be there by around 5:30 pm, while I get off school at 3:15 pm.. Tough? I'll have to bus it.

I've been drinking a lot of Apple Juice lately! XD Am I Loopdy? lol

Love, Lowe-san