Dear, Reader-kun

Whoa~ It has sure been a long time since I had posted, eh? And it's been quite a while since that incident happened in that last post. I've found a new crush, I'll name him D.R. But, you see, I think I still like J.B., even in the slightest. Some of my friends have told him I like him. Keyword there was like, not liked. Well.. yeah...

"What kind of deal was that?!!!" XD~ No idea where that came from. I guess that was just living proof that I'm insane, eh? lol

OMGOMGOMG~ I think I might like Matthew @.@;; Like, when I'm with him, I don't even think about J.B. or D.R. at all! But we're just friends :D I think... Well, he sure acts like a friend.... When I got in trouble with Brieghanne from Mr. Scoten, he made sure I stayed in the classroom^^ And he doesn't think I'm annoying O.O which I think is quite a feat. Mr. Scoten always comes by and asks me to leave because I'm "bothering/distracting/annoying" other people. But I'm not. I just sit there in the blue chair next to Matthew and watch him work O.o

Soo~ Loopdy? XD~

Love, Lowe-san

p.s. - I don't really want to like Matthew. I feel afraid...