Dear, Reader-kun

I have found out that my crush, a.k.a J.B., likes another girl and asked her out. But apparently she... declined? O.o I don't know, I'm not up-to-date with all that hype, I never was the type to do so. But I was saddened, yes, but I felt no ill will againts him or her. By the way, I found this out last Friday, the 2nd.

But I've moved on! Yes! I have! My new crush shall be known as D.R. XD He's in--I'm embarrassed to say--Grade 10. He also drinks and smokes at Franklin Elementary School... After shcool on Fridays? O.o wtf?! XD He's a BAD person!

I've not only just met him, I've known him since I was in grade 5 and had just freshly came to Hastings School. I used to get into fights with him. It was Brendon, Amber and another few friends and I, against... his friends..? I've known him for a few years, although I'm quite sure he doesn't remember me, even though Brendon does(he's in grade 10 as, well.)

Love, Lowe-kun