Dear, Reader-kun

I've just come back from Stella's place for Halloween. We went Trick-or-Treating, and kept thinking we were too old for it since there were so many little kids like babies and the like.

I was dressed up as a Witch/Vampire, and Stella was a Nurse since her mom's a nurse, too. It was quite fortunate of her, really.

On GaiaOnline, there's this stupid Halloween event thing were I get free shit and stuff.. I'm just TRYING to get stuff to SHOW OFF to all those stupid noobs that know absolutely nothing about the goddamned online network community thing called GAIAonline.

Stella and I only went to a few blocks and filled up a half/one quarter of my treat bag. I was... saddened that we didn't go to SEE THE FIREWORKS at the time that we were done. But because we had to be back to Stella's by 8:45 PM, and it was 8:20 PM, we decided to leave Trinity Street and go back.

Haha~ Nursie Bag... LOOPDY! XD~ (Look, he has a beard!)

Love, Lowe-san