Dear, Reader-kun

I got a haircut today! I cut it just below the shoulders; now it's not so phoofy! I've uploaded a picture of it, too. Along with another song called We're All in this Together by Ben Lee.

I'm going to my Grandma's tomorrow to go shopping for a costume, then we're going to the KEG. Although I'm pretty sure they'll be absolutely nothing worth the money, since it's so close to Halloween. I've already planned a "costume" anyways, so it's not needed. I'm still deciding to be either a Vampire or a Witch; which I've been for the past three/four years. I'm more leaning towards Vampire, but I can't be one unless Dylan let's me wear his black overcoat.

I'm wearing these clothes that I think make me look like an old granny XD I'm wearing a white thin(kind of see-through, kind of tight) blouse, then a brownish gray-ish... coat? house sweater? I have no idea, but it makes me look old. I'm wearing it in the picture of my new hair.

Love, Lowe-san