Dear, Reader-kun

I just got back from school! Well, really, I just got back from Fresh Bean! It's a great coffee shop! Hee. For breakfast, I had cotton candy. For break snack, I had pizza. For lunch, I had a smoothie... And after school I went to Fresh Bean w/ Stella and ordered one Vanilla Ice Frapp, one Pumpkin Pie, and two egg, ham and chedder sandwitches. We each had a sandwitch, I had the pie, and we shared the ice frapp.

I invited Jacey with us after Anime Club, but he said he had to go straight home. So I let him be. I kind of didn't want anyone else to come because I was the one buying and I'm a cheepassed psyco lady. But I wanted to spend the money all day 'cus it was burning a hole in my pockets. I bought Jacey a smoothie for a single california roll sushi... and the smoothies cost $2.50. I think it was a bad trade...

Today, during the last hour of school, grades 9-11 had to go to this stupid IPP(instructual planning period) thing. I hated it to it's very core. But then, I got to see J.B., and sat no more than 10 seats away from me. Haha. But he ended up moving to the balcony because the balcony's cooler than the ground floor. And it was closer to the Anime Club, which was what I had to do after school. J.B. wanted to skip too, actually. But he didn't want to if he was alone. Kirsten and Brieghann wondered that if they got J.B. to skip with us that I'd go. But I still said no. Why? Because 1) I'd most likely act like a freaking fool in front of him(although I haven't yet other than the lip quivering thing), and 2) I'd feel bad if I had just left Stella there in the auditorium.

I was reading The Historian today during English, and I saw something that caught my eye. It was The Order of the Dragon, and now I'm pretty interested in it. But I'm still doing research for it; wondering if they were a bad people group or a good people one. If it's good, I want to form my own when I'm older or something, but if it's bad, I want nothing to do with them.

I've done research about The Illuminana or something like that, and they're supposed to be a group of the smartest minds of the world kind of group. Some say they still exist(the group, I mean), but I'm not sure. I wish I could join, it's like one of my wishes now. I could be a philosopher, because that's basically one of my goals in life. I do believe that I have a very creative mind, that can think up anything at almost any given time. But I think aloud too much, so that may be my downfall.

Oh god! At least my "speaking out loud too much" thing isn't as bad as (Eric) Dylan Thomas'. He speaks aloud too much, I don't like it. And he says it at such the wong times. I think it's the main reason why he gets into so much trouble in Science class. That and maybe me. Haha.

Love, Lowe-san