Dear, Reader-kun

It's around 8:00 AM. Last night, I went to Fright Night! It was so much fun! #.#

I went with Stella and Jacey, and we went on most of the rides. For the roller coasters: Corkscrew was Stella and Jacey, then Coaster was Stella and me, then Corkscrew again was me and Jacey.

Near the end of it, we waisted 15 min on a Haunted House we didn't even go in! While we were waiting in line, Stella and I were on either end of Jacey(this was when I asked, "Jacey, do you feel at all lucky? You have two girls on either of your arms."). Then, when it was our turn, I didn't want to go because I'm afraid of PITCH BLACK darkness. And Jacey said he didn't want to go on in it in the first place. So we made a hudge ruckus, and didn't go in after all... I feel bad now.

But after that, I was really clingy. I was either on Stella's arm or Jacey's arm; Stella's mostly.

Love, Lowe-san