Dear, Reader-kun

I just got back from an awful day @ school, and was hoping to do well in it :D Oh well, I know I can't do well in everything..

I just found out that my Crush is racest against Asians T.T I'm HALF Chinese #.# Soo sad! Well, things have truly been going quite well between him and I; being that we're not even frineds, just aquaintances(sp). But at least we're not classmates anymore, eh? Near and Dear. Hee hee.

I stole my dad's mail XD It's from this... place in... the French part of Canada XD I wrote "Happy Day?!" on it in pencil, too. Haha.

Afterschool today, I went to the Theater Temp meeting to sign up for Tech Crew(Techies), then raced across the school to Mrs. Toms' room for Anime Club; which I later found out had been cancelled... So that meant that I could've stayed at the Theater Temp information meeting... Argh!

Love, Lowe-san