so I can´t upload anything yet... tomorrow is the first but I´m not sure if I´ll get online of not. we´ll see. nothing too crazy going on right n now. my pc got here! and I got an email with a confirmation that some family is coming to visit in Sept! I also got a message saying that someone couldn´t come to visit, but it was with good reason, I´m going to be an "uncle" again! I´m still looking forward to other friends coming...

thats about it for now I guess. I hope that all is good on your end.

be back soon!      Matthew


so its the first. and I´m here.

I got the night off for fiestas, so I had some time to stop in and upload a few pics.

I see who stops in but sometimes I wonder who these people are that look at my work and read my posts... I feel I should say thanks. I also think I could apologize for being so boring... but I won´t. I amuse myself here.

until next time. M