so since I can´t upload pictures cause my little friend is on a trip with Janire and her mom to a warm beachy island, I thought that I would write a bit. I switched the memory card but I don´t seem to have anything to plug in. I figured out how I could look at some pics to upload more organized like.

the guy next to me is foreign. heavy cologne. and looking at a magazine to fill out his profile to find a nice guy friend. good luck.

yeah, so for until Sat I´ve got the place to myself if anyone wants to come over on Thursday, I´ll throw the party... I got a few bottles of wine and I know how to cook. let me know...

what else.... hmmm.... AH! the topic of vacation has come up a couple of times today. I think that my month off is either going to be august or september, but I don´t know what the plan is yet. I think that if I´m still working there, I´ll take the time to look for a new place to be employed.

man, its 8 already... I guess I got here later than I thought.

let me rephrase my question... what food must you have when you see it? makes your mouth water and your tummy growl... berries are yummy. easy too. I got a good size list I´m working on, but I need more. and things that make me think of how to look at it a little differently. don´t be shy. I know you people like to eat! and I know that most of you would take the fresh squeezed OJ over the bottled stuff if you weren´t so lazy. so write! I´ve been doing a good amount of it myself. I´m kicking around a few ideas, one for the book, and one for the walls. I think that I have some good ones too even.

I got a new book the other day. its called Lamb by this guy Chris Moore (I wonder if he would be insulted if he knew I shortened his name, like we´re chums or something.) its funny stuff. its the gospel told from the veiwpoint of Jesus´ best pal. the guy is a little twisted. but he makes me laugh.

I have to write some stuff down and get going... I´ve got a good idea that hit me a couple days ago but I didn´t write it down and I forgot it until now.

til next time!      Matthew