I was tryingto put up some photos but I think that between multitasking emails and other sites I lost my ability to focus. I´ll likely be online on sunday to see if I can´t get somewhere then.

I still need to send an email.

and I just remembered I forgot something at home. I need a post it for my forehead.

things are as good and as bad as they seem. and that goes for you too. I think that I´m ok with it though. cause if they are as good as they seem, then they can´t be that bad.

Jarod, if you ever email me or come on here. happy birthday. I´m not sending you an email.

I´ll be back soon, the packages are still on my shelf. you´ll get them all soon. or more likely, when I get paid. I hope.

can everyong tell me a favorite food or ingredient? I´ve been brainstorming but lately its been partly sunny, so my ideas only come in peices. I need a spark.

I need to get moving.








 ok, so here I am, a little more focused but with more things to do and just as stressed. I did manage to get a few more photos up. and search the web. and chat a little. I fixed my last upload too. pat me on the back!

not much more to update I don´t think. I´m going out tomorrow with the hopes to get a job on the spot somewhere. if anyone knows a good, place in Madrid thats looking for a cocinero let me know.

in my searches online, I didn´t find anywhere I really want to work, but I did find places that I want to go to eat. that should be slightly easier... well all but the few that may be out of my price range. another day.

I got a new phone, so if you call me, the battery shouldn´t die. its a fun little toy. and when my PC arrives I´ll be able to post you some pictures and videos from it as well.


well, I´m stumped. I´m going to get going maybe I´ll post a few picks again tomorrow in between errands. hope to hear from you soon!

thanks again,   Matthew