too long, I know.

I´ve been busy, then I was relaxing, and now here I am.

so I won the trip to Amsterdam, but since I´m not so legal it was decided that taking a plane wasn´t very smart. getting deported didn´t sit well. after talking to my boss and making sure he understood that if he sent me there he may not have a cook coming back. he agreed that it was probably better that I not go there right now. so trapped in the country we talked a bit about where in Spain to go/send me. so the trip changed to Malaga. its in the South on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. it was nice. it rained a little but it was 4 days without work and bouncing for food to shops to cafes. we went to the beach, and to a castle. I have pictures but I´m afaid you won´t see them for another 125ish posts. so I´ll try to keep posting and make sure that I get more pictures up before the end of the month so that I don´t hit my limit when I get to them.

on the topic of pictures. I like them again. I´m going to try and make something of importance. something that can maybe make some money. I have ideas. and I want to take them. I want to play. I´m on track to getting my PC I think, which would help. invent and have fun. I wish I could say the same for my job. I don´t like it. so, since I took my trip, I´m going to start looking for a new one. I could use something better. something yummier. something that probably wants me to have papers. whatever. something new.

so how are things with you?

anyone have their passport yet?

travel plans?

 no really, someone has to be planning something. let me know!

I´m off for now, I´ve been in this chair too long.

thanks, Matthew