usually I write a bit when I´m done downloading pictures and writing emails and stuff. today I´m here and I´m going to write a little something to get me going and see what I have left later.

I´ve been sick. fever and dying sick, I guess. I ate a couple cookies this AM with my perscribed ¨lemonade¨. so I´m doing better. I ate, I´m out, and I can think a little about where I am and how to function so things are good.

my talk with my boss didn´t go well, or it went fine. but I guess I realized that I don´t think I like what I´m doing and I don´t really like him. he seems sneaky. fake. I think I see through it... so I went into work and we talked, about two things mostly. the first was papers... I waited 20 mins outside for him to get to work and like I said I felt fiesty. so I went in with the guns out, ¨hear anything about papers?¨ his response wasn´t what I was looking for... I work there for 2-3 years while he works it out or I stay how I am and leave when I want. next, about the fact that his chef left and that Jota is going to take over and the void it leaves and to position I think that I can handle and would like to work for. not that I can handle it.... no, its that Jota was out with his shoulder dislocated for 20 days, 15 of which there was no chef. I was getting leaned on already. go in and do my prep and he would call downstairs for me... heres more work to do, delagate it. well, his response to that was also unsatisfactory, ¨I´ll think about it and we can talk in a couple weeks¨. I felt like if that couple of weeks was like the couple of weeks when he would talk to me about my papers (2 months) or his vacation to ny for new years (14 days). If I know my chef is leaving (for 3 months) and my sous chef was hurt and out for who knows how long, I probably postpone my vacation. but he did nothing... so after our talk I decided it was time to strat to look for the next job. because it seems he will always do nothing. I think I can cook the same ot better food somewhere else. work less hours and get paid better.

then I got sick. I´m going to get back on track with the job thing when I´m back on my feet. of course I don´t want to leave until after I take the trip I won. the holiday party left me with a 2 nights trip (flight and hotel) in Amsterdam. huh...

I´m planning on watching the superbowl on sunday, anyone else? :)

not sure what else at the moment....

I´mma play with some photos and I´ll edit if I think of anything. if not, I hope all is well, take care,




PS I just hit capacity for the month. good thing tomorrow is the first!

also I have videos but they are always put at the end of the file list. and music I want to post but no real means of doing so. I can´t DL straight from an Ipod so I need to use a USB card or something with music but I don´t have a PC to pull from and if I did, I wouldn´t be sitting next to this crazy asian guy that is talking super loud because of his headphones! but I´m working on that... I just need a month or two.