well.... to start lets just say I´m looking for a new job.

 then I could tell you how we got locked out of our apt in a thought that came a second too late.     it was going to be a walk around the city or maybe a movie,    but when the door went click there was a   ¨do you have the keys?¨ ,  ¨no.¨.  sinking feeling.   well, we were releaved to find one of our landlords home, she gave us a key, phew. then she asked where our key was... in the door  (on the inside). she quickly reminded us that if the key is all the way in the lock that it will not unlock from the outside, ouch. sinking feeling again, anyone?  the story goes on. there was a hanger. talks of balcony climbing (which were not allowed), a peephole removed, a crazy old lady neighbor, a few failed attempts at removing the keys throught the door, and a phone call to the lock guy a couple hours later. he opened the door in about 47 seconds. and lets just say it wasn´t cheap. there was a lesson learned. actually two but I hope that I never have to break into our apt again...

more pics are up. hope they are enjoyed.

more later.