currently I´m at about 80% for the month... I think that there may be a small lull soon unless I find out that my month is fiscal.

how about them red sox?? I was excited to hear about the next set of rings, but I don´t have much company over here when it comes to us sports. I went to watch the pats play a couple weeks ago at a pub near our apt and there was a bunch or english speaking people. it was weird. the pub, the tv, the voices, almost like I went to watch it somewhere in boston.... can someone tell me what time the pats play this weekend, I have to wokr but if I get out to catch the end of the game I´d be pretty excited about that.

I´m on break right now, but I think that I need to get going so that I can reast my head before going back. its weird to be out of work from 5 to 8... much better than the 30 mins that they took out of my check at dantes even though I never got a break.

anywho, I´ll be back soon. thanks.