so, I´ve been loading every picture on my camera 10 at a time or so to the site. then deleting reposts and bad pics. it takes a while but I have to get them up. I load them while writing emails and stuff so its not too bad but I´m not online very much because I´m jobless and looking.

speaking of which, I´m feeling a little better about it... I think that I´m going to find something soon. I´m going trail tomorrow and monday at a place called ¨le kitchen¨ and I´m going to talk to a guy that said ¨this is better than here¨pointing at rene over dante on my resume on sat. also, I´m expecting another place to call me later this week about work. its all been a papers, or lack there of, thing up until yesterday. I need to figure out how to get the ball rolling for the paper work for someplace soon.

ok, gotta go, I have orders to get potatoes and a corkscrew and I have to go do an undisclosed something which I´m guessing is manuel labor of sorts.

its been nice talking, 

I´ll be back soon.