yeah, I know! its incredible....

so was my trip.

I went to a few places in the south.

Jerez, Cadiz, somewhere with a beach, Vejer(didn´t get to that beach:( which is better known as aborgena), and Tarifa. from Tarifa you can see Africa. the ferry is 34euros but we didn´t go, for neither of us knows exactly what there is to do on the other side of the water. besides I´m sure it wasn´t much warmer. the beaches down there are nice! soft sand, clear blue water, and a constant breeze. which actually turns out to be a negative thing unless you are prepared for it. cause a constant sand blasting isn´t much fun when you are trying to tan. I ate some good food, met some characters, and saw a whole lot...

I have some pictures but they are still in a holding pattern until I have time to weed thru them.

now I´m back in Madrid and its time to cook dinner. Janire is waiting! we went to a market today and now the fridge is happy :)

tomorrow starts the job hunt...

a comer!

talk soon friends,