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  • Another Flickr refugee

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    For 8 years I have been uploading my photos to Flickr. Originally as a gallery of the stuff I make, then as a way of allowing overseas friends to see our photos without having to email them individually (especially as we only had dial up in Fish Creek!) and then - when the bushfires started - as a way of ensuring the photos would survive if our house was razed. Then it turned into a sort of photo diary. Not exactly a blog; I didn't necessarily think anyone would, or ought to, read any of it. But…

  • money scam messages via ipernity

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    Anyone else been receiving scam letters? And how do I report it? I couldn't find a way to report it, so I uploaded a screen shot of the message and uploaded it to my account. You can see it here: This scammer has no photos, seems to have joined for the express purpose of trying for a Nigerian scam (except she says she from Togo and dying of pancreatic cancer in Canada - that was in a second message). Yes, yes, yes, I know I should not play with…