Since i'm here in your playground, i'm asking myself something.

You ll think that i'm not fun, but do you know something about coyright ?

Don't you know that you don't have the right to put videos or music that you're not the author ?

I see in every fblog people posting tracks just to post some music they like.

Why don't you post, you're own music ? It can be your own cover of your favorite song.

Why don't you post, you own videos ? I don't say, post the last video of Baby eating his fucking pourridge.

Don"t you think that the net is too large to put all this shity mail turning vids showing people falling or everything else.

Be creative, you have all you need to be. I dont fucking care about listenning your Johnny Cash favorite tune.

I think this place was built to help you share your creativity not your mindless stupidness.


Thank you.

I'm sick about what we're making of the greatest invention of the last millenium. Don't make this world as sad as the real one.