18/01/201417Royal Blackburn Hospital, Royal Blackburn Hospital (Stand A)Blackburn, by Old Royal Infirmary5C
26/07/201417Intack, by Hamer AvenueShadsworth, opp Largs Road5C
26/07/201418Shadsworth, adj Largs RoadIntack, by Hamer Avenue5A
18/10/201418Blackburn (Blackburn), opp St Marys CollegeIntack, by Hamer Avenue5A
18/10/2014202Waterloo (Blackburn), by Livesey Branch RoadBlackburn temporary BS24
26/07/2014203Accrington BSIntack, by Hamer Avenue6A
01/03/2014205Oswaldtwistle, opp Rhyddings StreetAccrington, Blackburn Road opp Custard Cube7A
18/01/2014207Blackburn temporary BSRoyal Blackburn Hospital, Royal Blackburn Hospital (Stand A)2
18/10/2014212Blackburn temporary BSWaterloo (Blackburn), by Livesey Branch Road24
05/04/2014252Accrington BSGreat Harwood, by Towngate7
04/01/2014254Brunshaw, by Bronte AvenueWorsthorne, o/s Church Square2
04/01/2014254Worsthorne, o/s Church SquareBurnley BS2
14/12/2013401Accrington, Peel StreetWest End, by Percy StreetX41
18/01/2014402Blackburn temporary BSAccrington BSX41
18/01/2014403Accrington BSBlackburn temporary BSX41
23/11/2013404Accrington BSHaslingden, opp Health CentreX41
14/12/2013405West End, opp Percy StreetAccrington, Peel StreetX41
10/08/2013407West End, by Spread Eagle StreetBlackburn TIX41
26/07/2014439Accrington BSIntack, by Accrington Road7
10/08/2013566Blackburn TIWest End, opp Percy Street‎41
18/01/2014566Blackburn temporary BSGreat Harwood, by Holgate Street6
01/03/2014573Accrington, Peel StreetOswaldtwistle, by Rhyddings Street6A
21/09/2013707Accrington BSAccrington, opp Victoria Hospital231
04/01/20141043Burnley BSWhitegate, by Cowley Crescent23
15/02/20141053Whitegate, by WhitegateBurnley BS27
22/03/20141062Colne BSo/s Burnley BS21
15/02/20141066Colne BSBurnley BS25
18/01/20141068Great Harwood, by TowngateBlackburn temporary BS7
23/11/20131069Burnley BSAccrington BS23
05/04/20141088Accrington BSOswaldtwistle, by Rhyddings Street6
15/03/20141101Whalley BSBlackburn temporary BS22
26/10/20131102Preston BSWalton-le-Dale, by Higher Walton Road152
26/07/20141301Intack, by Accrington RoadBlackburn Temporary BS6
01/03/20141304Accrington, o/s Victoria HospitalAccrington, opp Lister Street6
01/03/20141306Great Harwood, by Holgate StreetAccrington, Peel Street6
10/08/20131820Oswaldtwistle, by Town HallBlackburn TI6
05/04/20141827Oswaldtwistle, opp Rhyddings StreetAccrington BS7A
14/12/20131828Knuzden Brook, by Old Mother RedcapAccrington, Peel Street7
01/03/20141828Accrington, Peel StreetGreat Harwood, by Towngate7
22/03/20141830Great Harwood, opp Pendle RoadClayton-le-Moors, by Hare and Hounds6
26/07/20141830Intack, by Accrington RoadAccrington BS7
14/12/20131831Accrington, Peel StreetKnuzden Brook, opp Old Mother Redcap6
22/03/20141831Clayton-le-Moors, opp Hare and HoundsGreat Harwood, by Pendle Road7
05/04/20141831Great Harwood, by Holgate StreetAccrington BS6
15/03/20141834Whalley BSClitheroe Interchange26
15/03/20141834Whalley BSRead, opp Campbell Street27
15/03/20141853Read, o/s Constitutional ClubWhalley BS26
04/01/20141855Whitegate, by WhitegateBurnley BS23
22/03/20141861Burnley BSNelson Interchange29
22/03/20141862Nelson InterchangeColne, o/s Bradford and Bingley25
04/01/20141863Nelson interchangeBurnley BS25
15/02/20141867Burnley BSWhitegate, by Cowley Crescent22
15/02/20141868Whitegate, by WhitegateBurnley BS22
17/08/20131873Bolton BSEgerton, Blackburn Road/Egerton Post Office (NW-bound)1
17/08/20131874Egerton, Blackburn Road/The Globe (SE-bound)Bolton BS1
18/01/20141878Blackburn, by Old Royal InfirmaryBlackburn temporary BS1
22/03/20142757Clayton-le-Moors, by Hare and HoundsBurnley BS152
18/10/20142757Intack, by Accrington RoadBlackburn temporary BSX41
22/03/20142758Burnley BSClayton-le-Moors, by Hare and Hounds152
03/05/20142758Altham, by Simon JerseyBurnley BS152
15/02/20142761Burnley BSWhitegate, by Cowley Crescent152
03/05/20142762Burnley BSAltham, by Simon Jersey152
03/05/20142767Burnley BSNelson InterchangeX43
04/01/20142768Burnley BSNelson interchangeX43
15/02/20142771Burnley BSNelson InterchangeX43
23/11/20132777Rawtenstall, Bank Street (Stand L)Burnley BSX43

More to follow...