Although ipernity is delightfully simple to use, I'm still finding my way around and there are definitely things I don't understand yet. I plan to write a little bit about difficulties I encounter here on ipernity so that I can learn from others and others can hopefully learn from me. I welcome all hints and suggestions!

I Get This

The first snag I've encountered is figuring out whether people have commented on my photos or added them as favorites. I was getting pretty sad: every time I checked, there was absolutely no activity on my account. I just discovered, however, that I was wrong about that: when I glanced through my photos, I saw that some of them did indeed have comments and "particular likes." I just hadn't been notified!

That made me sad, too: one of the things I miss so much about old Flickr is that nice "news feed" that notifies us of new comments and faves. I did some googling to figure out where to find that information on ipernity. Turns out it's not too hard to access at all:
  1. Click on "News" on the top menu bar.
  2. Click on "Your space" on the left menu bar (second item).
  3. If you are using the default setting in this area, you may get a message that says "Nothing new at this time..." This is what kept happening to me. The reason: the default setting shows only that which is new since your last login. If, like me, you weren't checking "Your space" every time you logged in, this area would rarely display any comments and faves. There are two possible solutions, both easy:
- Check "Your space" every time you log in!
- Change the setting to "a week" or "a month."

I should mention that I don't yet know how staying logged in all the time affects this notification system: it's possible that, if you never log out, you'll never get notified of comments and faves unless you change the setting.

I Don't Get This

I will conclude with something I haven't been able to figure out. Where do I see replies to my comments / new comments on other people's photos? ipernity says:

"Your comments in the spaces of others
The comments which you write in other members' spaces are grouped together under "Your comments". This tab also allows you to see comments left after your own comment. To stop following a thread of comments, click on "[x] do not follow anymore" under the thumbnail of the doc."

My problem thus far is that I can't find that "Your comments" tab! Does anyone know where it is?