So, like many flickr refugees I'm slowly starting to get the hand of this new place. While it's missing a few things that Flickr had, they seem to be trying to add in some new stuff (like collections). The one thing that bugged me was no BBC coding for sharing on Blogs and forums. But i found that they HAVE added that but it's currently only available for the paid (Club) accounts. I hope they will make it available for the free accounts too, but I've decided that if Flickr doesn't pull it's head out of it's ass soon that I'll cancel my Pro account and get a club account here.

To be honest, I kinda like the look and feel here better anyway, and it's a growing community here. A lot of new blood, a lot of new content and groups. It's kind of exciting; I'm sure for Ipernity as well. It really is true that when one door closes another tends to open up. For the idiots at Flickr, I am sure that the folks at ipernity thank you for slamming the door in your customer's faces.