...I have grown ever-so-slightly weary of my own music, surely a temporary lapse of enthusiasm, I have decided to post one or two tracks from each of the CDs I received for Christmas or my birthday. Because most, though not all, were either ordered from my Amazon wishlist or were given in the form of gift certificates -- and because those who dare to give me discs are all too aware of my musical tastes, or deficiencies therein -- any blame must accrue to me. These are what I would have bought had I bought these for myself. Jazz fans, especially devotees of the rare, the odd, and the hopelessly obscrure, may wish to take note. Although I have wide-ranging, and occasionally even normal, musical tastes, most of what I got this years was jazz -- with one or two peculiar exceptions. The tracks I will document over the coming days are neither typical nor atypical.

Also, I may begin to write more for consumption by a vanishingly small public. I have only one language, English, but fellow English-speakers do not understand it most of the time. I can only hope that those who do not understand what I say understand me better. Or perhaps not -- being "misunderstood" has a certain aura.