They say the first step toward overcoming an addiction is to own it.

I think it's time I came out of the closet and confessed to the world... "Hi - my name is Jo, and I am addicted to shooting silhouettes!"

Perhaps, you think, this is not a harmful addiction? My husband might beg to differ. As may my children. For without even a moment's notice, I can be away out the door, tearing up the back field in pursuit of my next silhouette, having left pots boiling on the stove, dishes burning in the oven, taps running and children completely unsupervised...

And once I'm out there - getting my hit - I can't even remember that I have pots to boil, taps to run, a home to tend to... children... I forget I even have children and a husband...

I am lost. Lost in the moment.

There is no more delicious place to be.

I have an addiction!