I arrived at the school a little early for pick up today, and there was this masked lapwing grazing for worms in the grass beside my car, so I wound down the window and started shooting, as you do. I was just getting in nice and close when another masked lapwing flew in behind him, making an absolute raucous! Alas, they settled down and started grazing together, and I settled back into shooting him.

I was getting some great action. He started to preen himself and strut a bit. I wondered whether maybe he was throwing me his best poses because he knew I was shooting him. But then, right out of nowhere, he approached his companion from behind and stomped on her tail.

Then he promptly leapt on top of her and got busy with her - right there in front of me! It was almost a little embarrassing!

It was over as quick as it had begun, and as he "dismounted" both stood quite straight upright and they stretched their wings, standing closely alongside each other. It was almost a little romantic.

After a brief moment standing together, she fluffed her ruffled feathers back into position, and they both wandered off, busying themselves once more with grazing for worms.

Then the bell rang.