One day, when I was quite young, I learned about these wonderful things called "auroras". I knew that moment I would never have truly lived until the day I'd seen one with my own eyes. I thought I might have a shot at it if I could somehow get to
Antarctica. If I was very lucky, I might catch a tiny glimpse if I travelled to the most southerly point of Tasmania and stretched up onto my tippy-toes, and really strained my neck to see... Of course, I knew I'd never be able to afford to get to the northern hemisphere. I only earned a few dollars pocket money a week!

I had no idea what the future held for me - no idea I would come to live in such a stunning place where I was so spoiled that I could decide from the comfort of my own lounge-room whether the lights were bright enough to bother to head out. Where I walked out my door into one of the best views Tasmania has to offer of the captivating Aurora Australis.

And last night - well, wasn't she a pearler? For a short moment I thought we were
doomed to be clouded out, and then from nowhere those stunning curtains of light kicked off for the show of a lifetime - pale green and white lights danced across the horizon like search lights looking deep into space. Bursts of light surged confidently through the cloud - nothing was stopping this party! Then, to my utter amazement, reds began creeping into the light show - a colour I've not seen visible to the naked eye in auroras before.

What else could one do but gaze in awe and wonderment, feeling so small and humbled? It was so lucky my remote shutter release was already programmed to do the work, because I'm sure I would have frozen in my amazement and been unable to take a single exposure when those lights started dancing the way they did!

Yes, I'm so terribly spoiled living where I do, but at least I *know* I'm spoiled, and endeavour to share the beauty with those who are less spoiled than me! And one day, I hope I am lucky enough to stand in wonderment under the Aurora Borealis, too...

Well... a girl's gotta be allowed to dream!