For some time I have joked with Bank_of_Rod that I am turning into a twitcher.
And it seemed for a fleeting time that I thought I really might be at risk.

But the closer I have moved into the birdwatching environment, and the more I have come to understand a little of the lingo, the clearer it has become that I am at no risk of becoming a twitcher at all!

I do, on the other hand, identify with one category of birdwatcher - I am a birder. I can identify quite a few birds now. I have lists. I know names; some scientific... mostly common!! I can identify some birds by their jizz - the yellow-tails, the ravens, the gulls, the pip-pipping oyster-catchers, the maggies and the plovers. I even have my own short list of cripplers - notably the Wedge-tailed Eagle (when sheer ecstasy was mistaken for sheer terror by Bank_of_Rod as a result of my clearly poor decision to call and share my find), and the apparently not-quite-as-shy-as-I-thought Superb Lyrebird, who literally moved me to tears with beautiful singing and dancing, luring me further into the forest like an irresistable siren. Yes, I've witnessed cripplers.

So it would seem I am a birder. But a twitcher I will never be. And, I must say, I'm quite happy about that!