So, I'm having a bit of trouble settling in here at ipernity. I'm not sure what it is... I seem to have even lost the desire to lift my camera these days also, and I'm not sure if it's related.

I know there's a certain amount of issue with the glitches of this new site - the stuff that was so easy to do on old flickr that now seems to take so long to do on ipernity. Uploading is a drag - tagging is tedious, adding to groups lacks any sort of efficiency... I don't want to come across here and whinge about ipernity, but I feel this site needs some serious streamlining to make it user friendly. I hope our seven staff are looking into all the new feature ideas which have been brought in with the Flickr Refugees!:)

But in the meantime, I feel flat and uninspired. I feel reluctant to shoot. I feel a block whenever I open an image to edit. I'm stuck. I feel like hanging up my kit and retiring. I'm bored by everything I see. I'm bored by everything I feel. I am, in the words of someone much better with words than myself, rust.

So I've dragged this image up out of my archives, because I have nothing new to share. Last November, when I was all inspired, I headed out for a bit of spinning with another Hobart photographer, James. There's always something a little dramatic about a steel wool spin...

EDIT: I've just found I can add to groups through Organize, which makes things a little less sluggish - very pleased!