The Association of World Citizens (AWC) extends it congratulations and best wishes to President-elect Barack Obama. It will be a great and historic day on January 20 when Mr. Obama takes the oath of office as the 44th president of the United States of America.

The remarkable campaign and election night victory of Barack Obama was not only celebrated with great joy in the United States, but also in many areas of the world. We received a call from our branch of young people in Ghana when they learned over CNN that Barack Obama had won the election. Although it was one o'clock in the morning in Ghana, it did not hinder their great happiness and excitement. Obama's victory is a source of
inspiration for all, and particularly a great sense of pride for people of color.

Let us all work with our new president, and with each other, to create a new chapter in human history that will lead to a world that is free of weapons of mass destruction, free of endless wars, free of poverty, and with a progressive world community for present and future generations.

Douglas Mattern
President AWC