It’s about time January 20, 2009 came at last, and George W. Bush finally left a White House he never seemed to prove worthy of as a tenant. It’s about time President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden moved in and opened a new chapter in American history, after eight years that will most likely remain as America’s darkest ones, possibly after the years of the Civil War.

It’s about time – 232 years to date, the 232 years of existence of a country that was born from the refusal of tyranny and the quest for freedom of the inhabitants of the Thirteen Colonies. Some of them, however, Black slaves deported from Africa, were to remain deprived of their own chance to be free for an awful long time.

It’s about time – the hundred years or so that elapsed between the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, because he wanted his Union soldiers to rid the country of slavery by defeating the Confederate southern army, and the slaying of Reverend Martin Luther King in 1968, because he “had a dream”, that of an America which would be a true land of opportunity for everyone, regardless of the color of skin.

It’s about time – eight years during which America has spoiled its good name and ruined its historical image throughout the world. The years of the Patriot Act, Guantánamo, the Iraq war, and the financial crisis.

It’s about time – four years during which Barack Obama has built himself as a Senator, a party nominee for President, a candidate, and ultimately a winner, as well as the first African-American in history to be elected President of the United States.

It’s about time – what little time President Obama will have to put America back on track, for there will be so much to do in such a short while if only to do away with the immediate past before America can look to the future in confidence again. The Obama Administration will need all the support it can get to quickly tackle the worst and move on just as quickly to the best.

It’s about time, President-elect Obama, that you took the oath of office before the people of Washington D. C., the United States, and the rest of the world. It’s about time, most importantly because, in winning this election, you have altered the course of time. You have changed the future, and now we look forward to your declaring it open, wide open, once you have said, “So help me God.”