so, as i continue to push myself as a photographer and continue to strive to get better, every once in a while i look back at some of the stuff i did, to the very beginning and think to myself, "hey, i think i've come pretty far and done a good job!"... though for me at this point it's kind of turned into, "ew! what was i thinking posting that! it's terrible!"... i suppose it's tru that photographers are their own worst critics and i suppose it comes and goes in waves but i suppose lately i just haven't been taking that i am too happy with... oh well, i suppose it's "photographers block".. when things just start to all look the same and anything u take just seems like u've seen it all before... anyone else had that happen to them? i suppose i'm not complaining so much as saying "oh well, it's just one of those photography days.... weeks..... months..... hopefully it'll stop soon!".... i suppose i think i CAN be better... i just haven't figured out how to make myself take better shots yet.... well we shall see... i suppose i'm at a plateau.. just gotta keep learning and keep tryin!


good luck to all those who are stuck like me!