Hi together!

by now you all might have seen the pictures I have made in Brussles. I was really lucky that I could take any fotos at all, because I was there for only about 14h. 14h on the train, 14h in in Brussels... I can reaĺly imagine nicer things to do :-) But I had to delivier a letter to the EU for my institute and noone else had time, so I had to go. Anyway, I was lucky to arrive just at the day where the Ommegang was held. Really cool to see all these people dressed up like in the medieval times, and even more cool to see all these guests and tourists and other people out on the streets having fun till late after midnight. Next morning I got up early to take some pictures of Brussels in the sunrise and then to hop on the train again and head back to Erlangen.

So, I hope you enjoy the fotos and thanks for reading my first post here on ipernity!