I haven't even been here a week yet, and I feel so much more at home here than I ever did at Flickr. It's great that I am getting to see so many really talented photographers, and seeing so many new and different kinds of work.

I guess initially the 2 things I missed were my contacts, some of whom have been so inspiring to me since I took up photography, and the groups I was members of on Flickr. But as the week is going on, more and more of my contacts are showing up here, and I am so excited for all of the original Ipernity members to see some of the amazing work I have long been admiring :) And I am so excited for the Flickr members to see some of the amazing work that's here that I have discovered over the past week!

And also as the week is going on, people from Flickr have been creating the groups that I loved right here on Ipernity. I know it will take time for them to get to the standard they were before, but little by little, member by member, and contribution by contribution, we, the Flickr refugees, and the original Ipernity members and team are creating a fantastic place to showcase our photographs.

Speaking of the Ipernity team... have any of you EVER seen anything like the service they are providing us? Imagine when they started work last Monday they could never have been prepared for the week that they have had. And they have handled it all stoically and kept us all in the loop every step of the way!!!

Well done to all of you, the Ipernity Team, the Ipernity members, and the Flickr refugees :)

I'm including this photo as I think it is very apt... it is titled Rising from the ashes, and that's what we are doing here :)