It appears I took a pic of a graffiti months ago here in Seville(see my Seville album). Henri banks posted this saturday a comment as you can see on the pic with variations of the original I took.

In confusion I contacted him. He admitted he had taken my picture(he never asked me) and modified it. There is no link on his picture relating to mine.

See on my homepage the discussion we are having.

I claim that he should have consulted me before taking and modifying the pic or at least, link his to mine. He says since the "illegal" original piece(grafitti) is not mine, he should not do it and it seems he will not do it.

I would like to know your views in this regard.

I admit the street art is not mine but I made it clear since the beginning in my picture comment.

It is funny how I did get to know the person who did the graffiti and they were happy to see the result of the pic(that particular graffiti has now been painted over) because it was exactly like that, without any modification.

What do you think on this??