Apologies for not being so much around these days, mostly due to an unstable Internet connection but also due to lack of time since I am engaged in a few websites and in a few things away from the screen.

I have started tidying up pics and rediscovered "old" pics to be uploaded.

But the series I am most excited about is one series of shots I have recently taken inside an old and abandoned factory here in Seville. I enjoyed greatly my 2 trips there searching for little hidden treasures. They will be up soon, hopefully!


And thanks for all of you, specially my contacts to remain here and upload so many incredibly beautiful pics. I have stayed here admiring your shots until Ipernity´s pages of latest docs allowed me.

I am in awe and grateful for such enjoyment!! You all make me learn by looking at your pictures and this is the beauty of this website(and the other website too...).


Thanks for staying here and sharing what you have seen!


Peace to you!


As the Dalai Lama would say: " We can never obtain peace in our outer world until we make peace with ourselves"