Hi! I have received numerous silent visits during the past weeks.

I wonder what went on in your minds, what you searched for, what you saw... I have moved back to my hometown Seville after over 10 years away in London.

Not easy to come back.

I have a few clashes with my father.

I got a Russian Blue kitten from my mum. He is the best present I have had in a very long time. He is very very affectionate. And so pretty.

My city remains as beautiful as ever. Maybe even more than it used to.

I moved in with a friend. I hardly see him. He is always out.

My friends have all very different lifes from mine.

Not easy to come back.

I will hopefully start a course on Graphic Design.

I have not taken many pics. All those I have uploaded are archive ones.

Not easy to come back.

Oh... And I fell in love just before coming back. He does not want to commit and I understand.

Not easy to come back.