I had a kitten for a month. I had to give it away and she is now very happy with a big garden and a fellow cat...

But since she is no longer with me I have been reading about cats incessantly and I feel the need to have one. In this research, I looked for grey cats and discovered they are caled blue cats. And from that search, I discovered my love: Russian Blue cats.

A true beauty and exactly the type of temperament and needs that suit me.

If you take the time to read this and have some opinion, advice or recommendation for me, go ahead...

PS: I know it all about the "don´t buy, adopt instead". I would like to hear more about cats themselves and your experience with them.



I am in the process of adopting her: www.gatosenadopcion.com/grisetas.htm

I will hopefully visit her this week coming and see i we like each other!

But I love her already!