the book of the innocent
quote from the movie " the pillow book " by peter greenaway

this is an innocent book - unused
and unread ,
an innocent with three hundred
milk - white pages ,
and no illustrations .

the pages are still dusty with a
white powder from the
manufactuerer .

the pages taste sweet - like milk
awaiting the
spike of the pen ,
the dirtying ink ,

and the prying hairs of the brush ,
all seeking to invade the
intricate spaces of the book's
virginity .

the binding is tense – sewn up
tight , awaiting a little bending and
breaking .

the pages lay flat and crisp
– the muscles of the pages sleek .
no unnecessary flesh
has been encouraged to run to
excess by random
fingering .

the moistened thumb of the
expectant reader has not yet
marked the
soft tissues of this lean clean
smiling volume .

spread me ,
and break me open ,
for pleasure .