In former times, it wasn't the so called ' Holiday Season ' … First the monkeys used to throw coconuts and swing in the jungle ; then the first humans joined in juggling mammoths , called it ' Flintstone ' and gathered around the fire ; later the Jews called this season ' Hanukka ' ( mo belongs to these guys ) and went to the synagogue and lit nine candles for eight nights, singing ; the Christians called this time of year ' Christmas ' and went to church, eating afterwards turkeys and cookies ; the atheists went to parties and drank . Monkeys and people passing each other on the " jungle " street would say ' Happy Coconut ', ' Happy Outch ', ' Happy Hanukka ! ', ' Merry Christmas ! ' or (to the atheists) ' Look out for the manhole ! ' :-DD enjoy ur holiday all you monkeys and humans out there !!!

wish you and your families bananas, joy, peace, love and light
à vous et vos proches je souhaite de bananes, de la joie , du paix , d'amour et de la lumière . ( je regrette les fautes ...)
ich wünsche euch und euren familien bananen, freude, frieden, liebe und licht

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