After the long trip through Argentina and Chile, in the future I will post some photos from a 10000 km-tour through the western USA. My friend and I rented two Harleys in San Francisco, a Road King and a Fat Boy....

We went up the west coast on Highway No. 1 through California, Oregon and Washington, then took the way along the canadian border to Alberta and the Waterton Glacier National Park, then south to the Yellowstone and all other National Parks in Utha, Arizona and Nevada and back to SF via the Yosemite NP. Besides two technical breakdowns of my Road King it was a wonderful trip and I hope you will enjoy some pics.........Again the images are scanned slides from my old Minolta X700 ;-)

Thank you very much for all the nice comments to the Argentina pics, I'm really glad about your visits.....:-)

I currently post photos from the Yellowstone National Park, where I've been 2 times, so I will insert also pics from my 1st visit there, just after the big fire.