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If you are interested, what's happening just now in the former (at least semi-) democratic US, then read this. It's a very clear description of the processes started by the new president and the future we have to expect. I will post further interesting links in the future.

The Trump-agenda for a totalitarian autocracy (see Erdogan, Orban and others):

1. Centralization of power in the hand of a small group (the 'inner circle')
2. Systematic oppression of all opposition (media, juristiction, experts, etc.)
3. Elimination of the control function of media ('journalists are the most desgusting people in the world', 'they are basically lying')
4. Scapegoats: He's blaming and criminalising minorities

It's a drama for the whole world, not only the US, that this country, which many call a prime example for a democracy, is changing very quickly into a terrible totalitarian system with this criminal president and his gang. I'm curious who and what can stop him.

The scary tweeds of a pubescent child (in German):

This is scary: